Kaliningrad regional Philharmonic hall

Kaliningrad regional Philharmonic hall

Kaliningrad, Bogdana Hmelnitskogo str., 61A

The Kaliningrad Regional Philharmonic - the westernmost philharmonic of Russia - is located in an ancient building, which is an architectural monument of the former Konigsberg. The Concert Hall of the Philharmonic Hall is rightfully considered a visiting card of the region, one of its main historical and cultural sights.

There are 400 seats in the hall, a two-level stage, fine acoustics, the organ of the Czech company Riger-Kloss (3 manuals, 3600 pipes, united in 44 registers).

Concert activity of the Philharmonic is represented not only by organ music, but almost all genres of musical art. It is carried out by the forces of its own creative staff (chamber and concert brass bands, jazz ensemble, soloists-vocalists, instrumentalists, organist-soloist H. Inoue), and also with the participation of performers who come to Kaliningrad from other regions of Russia and from abroad.


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