Comedy Woman

Comedy Woman

March 10 in the theater of the stage "Yantar Hall" will be a festive concert of Comedy Woman. The participants of the main women's comedy show of the country will congratulate everyone on the holiday in the best way: they will laugh at men and above themselves!

The Comedy Woman project is a direct answer to the eternal male question: "Are women able to joke?" Can! Easily, elegantly, at ease, glamorous, with a pinch of self-irony and sarcasm! Comedy Woman is a show in which women joke about themselves and other women: beautiful, not very beautiful, "amateur" and others. They laugh at men and their shortcomings, fashionable novelties, the size of their breasts and the wealth of the inner world. In addition, they sing, dance, find out the relationship. Variety in the best sense of the word!

On this evening, the audience will see a colorful show in the best traditions of Comedy Woman: favorite sketches, colorful numbers, luxurious outfits and the "golden composition" of the project participants. In a word, the best gift for a woman on her holiday. Special guest of the new program will be Alexander Gudkov.

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