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A great Italian musical project CELENTANO TRIBUTE SHOW – a compilation of the best hits and performances by the legendary Adriano Celentano, enjoying great popularity among the audience collecting the sold out worldwide.Maurizio Schweizer not only "like two drops of water" looks similar to Adriano, but has a very similar voice, manner of performance, gestures and facial expressions. "I try to recreate every minute detail of the image Adriano on his show special attention, with the stage costumes. At times, it is quite difficult to find exclusive vintage things," said Maurizio.Specially selected costumes and luxurious decoration make the show even more exciting. After a few minutes after the start of the concert, the audience forgets that it's a tribute and goes on an exciting journey through the vast expanses of creativity Celentano: "Amore No", "Soli", "Susanna", "Il Tempo Se Ne Va", "Confessa" and many other well-known compositions will be performed at his speech.Maurizio managed to embody the role of a young Adriano so that he Adriano appreciated his statement, and said jokingly that he likes to look at himself "young and carefree".Concert dedicated to the Maestro's jubilee, the 80th anniversary of the legendary artist.For over half a century Adriano Celentano is an Italian pop star, one of the most successful and influential artists in the history of Italian music, many musicians tried to imitate his singing style and stage presence, but best of all it managed to do to the talented actor and musician Maurizio Schweitzer, who was born with Adriano Celentano on the same street, the famous Via Gluck, and now lives not far from the Maestro in the area of lake Como.He sings, moves, speaks and lives like Celentano. It is recognized by the Italian TV show, the audience, consistently filling halls to the limit.


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