Maxim Galkin

Maxim Galkin

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Fussiness, insolence, laughter, "unbearable lightness of being." Maxim Galkin - Cheshire Cat from "Alice in Wonderland", whose smile continues to soar above the stage even after the artist hides behind the curtain. Ungrateful work: describe in words sketches, improvisations and replicas of a popular parodist. They must be seen and heard, sitting in the auditorium, which now and then burst out laughing and applause.

Maxim: unchained, gallant (and slightly hooliganous, as always), floats on the waves of spectator love. No "take-away" of the traditional bouquet from the spectators is left without his grateful attention. Maxim is all such of himself: he is sarcastic, easily slipping on the surface of his jokes, which are often on the verge of a foul; but - without losing tact and love to the audience.

His brilliant parodies and reincarnations on the monsters of Russian and foreign show business are always so precise that it is not known who applaud the audience - Galkin, or - suddenly appeared on stage Muslim Magomayev, with his famous "The Night Will Pass, the Sun Will Rise .."? Or Alexander Serov, smoothly passing into Dima Bilan with Baskov? She stuck out her nose "Verka-Serduchka", and Renata Litvinova - "Marlene Dietrich of our days" came to replace her; she also turned up - there was a loud Masha Rasputin in one bottle with Zhanna Aguzarova ... Suddenly - in an instant - Angela Netrebko's angelic soprano blossomed on the stage, so visible that - chur-chur - many have to pinch themselves by the hand. But it was not there, and "music did not last long"! The immortal aria is replaced by Philip Kirkorov's presently sounding baritone - and again the numbness covers the entire auditorium. And again on the stage: here it is all, only Maxim Galkin. One, but with a thousand faces and images behind him.

"Humanity, laughing, parted with its past" - this is a well-known, has become such a common quote. Leading talk shows, singers, politicians - masterfully peeped and copied by Maxim become even something "closer and dearer" to us, ordinary viewers.

Probably, this is the grain of truth. And, the Artist as if with anything and stands aside, but closely observes the smallest strokes and gestures, bringing them into his invisible gallery of parodies. Extremely simple, but so omniscient. Sparkling with laughter, but with a wise smile of a faun. After all, we will never know for a lot of masks - and is it funny for him to ever happen in reality? Or not? To him, hidden behind applause and our laughter to his jokes? "You know, I would like to go to my concert with pleasure, so it's good!" Maxim mockers again.


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