Boris Eifman

Boris Eifman

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"Chaikovsky. PRO et CONTRA" - the legendary staging of the Boris Eifman Ballet Theater about the life and work of the great composer will be presented to the audience rethought and improved.

The life of the composer on stage is presented as an eternal tormenting dispute with himself. The inexhaustible director's fantasy and expressive imaginative range of the play immerse the viewer in the delicate spiritual world of a genius who has experienced ups and downs, experienced enormous creative revelations and profound personal dramas.

The choreographic text of the new production, perfectly harmonizing emotionally and dramatically with the music of the composer, differs in variety and extremely accurately conveys the inner experiences of the characters. The ingenuity of plastic language allowed Boris Eifman to penetrate insightfully the internal personal split that Tchaikovsky suffered painfully, became a source of unbearable mental suffering and predetermined the tragically confessional sound of his works.

The ballet "Tchaikovsky. PRO et CONTRA" was highly appreciated by the public last year. For the performance of Antonina Milyukova's party, Tchaikovsky's wife, the soloist of the Theater Lyubov Andreeva, the "Golden Sofit" prize was awarded. The artistic ensemble of the ballet "Tchaikovsky. PRO et CONTRA" was awarded a special prize of the expert council of "Golden Sofit".


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