State academic dance ensemble of Belarus

State academic dance ensemble of Belarus

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For the first time in Kaliningrad with the great bright solo concert, the Honored Collective of the Republic of Belarus, the State Academic Dance Ensemble of Belarus. The oldest professional choreographic team occupies a special place in the Belarusian culture. This is more than half a century of preservation, this is the best way to get the best of chinese, this is the main thing in the world is the stormy applause of the audience at the most prestigious concert venues in the world. The artists of the ensemble were applauded by the audience of all continents: Europe, Asia and Africa, the United States and Latin America.

For 30 years the ensemble has been twice led by the winner of the Special Prize of the President of the Republic of Belarus to the figures of literature and art, professor, People's Artist of Belarus Valentin Dudkevich. Folk dance for him is a mute poetry, which is the conceit of the people's soul.

This year we are pleased to present you the Grand Concert of the Dance Ensemble of Belarus. Specially for the Kaliningrad viewer we included the brightest and the most famous works of the Lyanyok - a modern look at the traditional round dance, the unfading Lyavonikha and Belorusskaya Polka, Quadrille on stools, choreographic picture "Vecharyn" and much more. Every dance is a story, and sometimes a real play in the movement.

The concert of the State Academic Dance Ensemble of Belarus will present you with unforgettable emotions, enchant with amazing colors of costumes, beautiful melodies, virtuosic tricks, gambling dances.

We are waiting for you at our Big concert!


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