Musical comedy «Restless Spirit»

Musical comedy «Restless Spirit»

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"Restless spirit" is based on the play of the English playwright, screenwriter, composer and actor Noel Pearce Coward, written in 1941, which does not lose its relevance to this day. In the sparkling performance "Restless Spirit", our life with unpredictable desires, doubts, fears and weirdness is revealed easily and at ease, and on the stage there is a real Ghost!

As the synopsis of the production reads: "People are naturally curious, and women are doubly curious. They want to know what happened, what would it be, psychics, astrologers, fortune-tellers ... Could a loving wife foresee the consequences of her "little feminine tricks" when the ghost of her husband's ex-wife, now deceased, burst into her life ... - tears, laughter, an incredible love triangle - that's what awaits the audience! Men! In time, deal with your ladies, so as not to be in the situation of the hero of the astral comedy! "

Directors of "Restless Spirit" play the main roles, and of course, in detail, with filigree sensitivity and subtlety feel and implement all the smallest facets of the work. Director Alexander Strizhenov appears on stage in the image of the main character of Charles, and the director - Victor Suprun performs the eccentric role of Madame Arkati. The former and current wives of the protagonist are delightfully embodied by charismatic talented actresses - Ekaterina Strizhenova and Victoria Tolstoganova.

The actor's ensemble plays amazingly, to the smallest details transmit all facets of characters and the motivation of the characters. Ghost in a brilliant performance Strizhenovoy, gracefully and masterly sliding on the stage space on the original design, coquettish and charming, evokes tenderness and inspiration! The temperamental current wife of Charles Ruth, in the stylish incarnation of Tolstoganova, besides being incredibly convincing, accurate and extravagant, but also her logic, intricate fantasy, is certainly close to every woman and is familiar to every man.

"Restless spirit", like a refined elixir or cocktail, which you want to taste again and again and open thinly veiled tastes and flavors, heady, enticing and enchanting. Behind the elegant allegory and intricate irony are hidden deep thoughts about the eternal clash of the psychological nature of Men and Women.

Inspirational smiles from the spectators' face do not go away all evening, the audience rejoices and is upset with the heroes, believes and empathizes, and in the finals the magnificent actor's ensemble stormily welcomes with an enthusiastic ovation, sparkling with faces and flowers sparkling with smiles!


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