The play «Mayakovsky Upright»

The play «Mayakovsky Upright»

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The performance-concert "Mayakovsky at Full Height" is a creative search for the solution of the questions, who is Mayakovsky, what he wrote about, what feelings one of the greatest poets of the 20th century experienced. Without pretending to be an expert, the actor of the theater and cinema Sergei Safronov shows the viewer Mayakovsky as he sees and feels himself. He blurs the border between the "school" Mayakovsky, the "throat-ringleader", the poster creator of the "ROSTA Windows" and the author of "Clouds in Pants", a loving man, vulnerable and affectionate.

"Mayakovsky at full height" is a creative attempt to break down the stereotypes of the perception of Mayakovsky the poet. The opportunity to hear the "minute dust particle of the living" through the thickness of "one hundred volumes of my party books." During the whole evening the author's music of the young talented composer Darya Kondakova and Andrey Severova's violin sounds. The performance-concert comes with one intermission.


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