Concert of the rock group «Spirit Day»

Concert of the rock group «Spirit Day»

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Kaliningrad rock band "Dukhov Den" is one of the strongest musical groups in our region. Musicians experiment in different styles from archaic blues to avant-garde music, and in this sense are a unique group. On the stage of the Variety Theater "Yantar Hall" the band will perform a concert "Do not blow out the candles", in the program of which there are good old songs, as well as several songs from the new album.

The music of the group "Spirits of the Day" is difficult for genre classification: there are lyrical songs and compositions that are close to the characteristics of rock or blues. The participants themselves describe their music as mysticism-infused music in the style of rhythm and blues, art rock and folk. In addition to a long musical career and a variety of genres, among the other collectives in Kaliningrad, the group is distinguished by the fact that the soloist of the collective Maxim Korobov is a priest. However, this does not prevent the collective from working and developing as a rock band.

The art of Maxim Korobov and his teammates is a real "musical odyssey", a journey to intimate images and senses hidden between lines, notes, behind the surface of the banal and obvious. The creative path of the group "Dukhov Den" begins somewhere in the harmonic spaces of Pink Floyd, Doors and other pillars of psychedelic rock, but it does not end there, but leads on to the mysterious forests of Russian tunes and fairy tales, where beauty awaits its awakening in our hearts.

Group members:
Maxim Korobov - author, vocal, guitar
Leo Skabichevsky - guitar, vocals
Evgeny Sorokin - bass
Alexander Kozyrev - percussion
Alexander Chaykin - keyboard
Alexander Uzenberg - sound director, director, producer


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