Angelika Varum and Leonid Agutin

Angelika Varum and Leonid Agutin

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She is a gentle and fragile embodiment of femininity, He is an intelligent and brutal man. On the stage, these two foundations of the universe are intertwined, fascinating and taking the viewer into dreams, in which only love and music reigns. The audience is waiting for the performance of one of the most famous musicians of Russia and the respected mentor of the show "The Voice" Leonid Agutin, as well as his wife and muse Angelica Varum, whose original vocals are recognized from the first notes by any native listener.

As always, the audience is waiting for "live" music and an interesting concert. Guests can enjoy their favorite hits of the creative union, recorded over the years of successful artists' career, jazz improvisations of their favorite hits - as they can be heard only at concerts, as well as new songs that have already become popular with listeners from the latest albums of artists.


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