Blues for the Maestro. Concert brass band

Blues for the Maestro. Concert brass band

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To listen to this Music of Autumn you are invited by the soloists and the Concert Philharmonic Orchestra ... And it will not matter at all what is outside the window rain. You will feel sunny and warm in your soul. After all, the Brass Band, like no other, can raise the mood, add optimism to those who are a little sad in the fall. Although light nostalgic notes in the concert will also be present.

The program "Autumn Kaleidoscope" includes such popular opuses as the ancient waltz "Autumn Dream", hits about leaves - "Autumn Leaves" of the Soviet composer Mokrousov, "Leaves yellow" Pauls, the famous French hit "Fallen Leaves" and many other heartfelt melodies domestic and foreign authors. . And also Russian and Romany romances, cinematography, hits of Tukhmanov, Pakhmutova, Babadzhanyan, Magomayev, not related directly to the theme of autumn, the popular classics - the sparkling Kalman (fragments from the operetta "Maritsa", "Vial of Montmartre").

Behind the conductor's panel of the Concert Wind Orchestra you will see Honored Artist of Russia Eduard Gantovsky, People's Artist of Russia Viktor Bobkov, Roman Ivanov.


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