Group «Kipelov»

Group «Kipelov»

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The name of Valery Kipelov has long been known among the fans of rock: for seventeen years he was a vocalist in the legendary rock band "Aria". This is a legendary man, stirring people's hearts with his unique voice. Framed by metal music, his voice, like an electric shocker, pierces the bodies and minds of admiring fans. Since 2002 Valery Kipelov decided to start his own solo project.

Over the years, the Kipelov group has been active in touring activities, combining tours with the creation and recording of new compositions, and recently all the forces and attention of the musicians have focused on recording the new album - which makes the future concert an even more anticipated, unique, fans of rock music. At the concert, the audience will hear the best, time-tested hits of the band, as well as songs from the new long-awaited album.

The Kipelov Group always gathers at the largest venues of the country, conducts performances abroad, charging listeners with its crazy energy, gives a lot of impressions from the bright spectacle with excellent sound and light quality!


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