Alexander Ivanov and «Rondo»

Alexander Ivanov and «Rondo»

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The legendary Russian rock singer Alexander Ivanov together with no less legendary Moscow group "Rondo" will give a concert dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the release of the iconic album "Sinful Soul of Sorrow".

Songs "Rondo" - this is a whole rock era of our country. A huge number of fans of different ages know and love the songs "I'll Remember", "God, what a trifle", "Rain", "Moscow Autumn". These songs are not subject to time, the words are simple and penetrate into the heart, and the music is recognized from the first chords, and Alexander has long established itself in the status of Russian Stephen Tyler - a singer with a rich rock and roll past, especially popular in the genre of hard rock ballads .

Alexander Ivanov and the Rondo band play music born of rock, blues and rock and roll. But in all the songs there is necessarily a Slavonic lyric soul. In any country of the world they are recognizable, thanks to the sincerity of the texts, the simplicity of describing feelings and experiences. At concerts the songs are always performed together with the audience.


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