Vladimir Pozner. Creative meeting

Vladimir Pozner. Creative meeting

Vladimir Pozner does not need a presentation. His extraordinary destiny and creative longevity amaze: more than 50 years of work in journalism, hundreds of brilliant interviews with the most interesting people of the planet, several documentary series and about a dozen books.

At this meeting you will meet face to face with one of the most talented storytellers, professional journalist, writer and TV presenter, an outstanding artist of thought and word. To hear a person of such an epoch-making scale, to see him at arm's length, outside of television and professional frameworks, to ask a question and get a direct eye-to-eye response is not just a special pleasure, it is a powerful injection of intelligence and intelligence. Viewers will have the opportunity to become direct participants in a lively and passionate conversation. This meeting, no doubt, will bring together people who are not indifferent, smart, willing to know the truth.

The meeting with Vladimir Pozner is a landmark event in the life of the city and a unique opportunity to ask any interested person directly, without intermediaries, any person whose opinion still influences many social processes.


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