Alexander Rosenbaum

Alexander Rosenbaum

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November 12 in the concert hall of the Variety Theater "Yantar Hall" will take place the jubilee concert of People's Artist of Russia Alexander Rosenbaum! This year, Alexander Rosenbaum celebrated his 65th anniversary, opening his tour in Moscow in Russian cities. His solo concerts for many years have become a wonderful tradition and one of the main signs of the fall.

The strength of his songs is not only in semantic content, but also in professional musical accompaniment. His creative heritage is diverse and diverse. Many of his songs have become popular: "Waltz-Boston", "Draw me a house", "Cossack", "Esaul", "Duck hunting", "Witchcraft", "Come to us" for a light "", "Naletala sadness "," Babiy Yar "," Black Tulip ". These are songs that touch the soul, painfully close to each of us.

Today, Alexander Yakovlevich Rosenbaum continues to write new songs and actively touring. On the question of what is the main meaning of his life, he unequivocally answers that it is creativity. He writes Alexander Yakovlevich 24 hours a day.


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