Excursion «History Of Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad»

Excursion «History Of Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad»

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Sightseeing tour of the city with a visit to historical sites and the most significant monuments. You will see the unique appearance of the city, where the epochs from the Middle Ages to the present have been whimsically intertwined. Walk along the island of Kneiphof, where the tomb of Kant and the Cathedral is located.

You will see the bridges of the old city - "Honey", "Wooden", the city gates - "Zakheim", "Royal", "Rosgarten", defensive fortress buildings and miraculously preserved neighborhoods of the garden city (villa area in Kutuzov street) and much Other.

Immediately after the purchase you will be sent a voucher with guide contacts, which you will show before the tour starts (you can directly from the phone - you do not need to print anything).


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