Excursion «Knights castles of East Prussia»

Excursion «Knights castles of East Prussia»

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The amber country from ancient times attracted German warriors, fascinated, like a beautiful woman, before whom you can not resist. Since the year 1220. Knights of the Teutonic Order together with Polish princes conquered the Prussian possessions and by 1265. Numerous Orden castles began to appear on these lands.

Knights (medal) castles, the most significant and spectacular architectural monuments. Locks most often erected on the site of the captured Prussian Wall and Earthen Fortresses and by the beginning of the 15th century they had already been built from stone. All the castles were built according to a single plan in accordance with the traditions of the late Medieval Order Gothic architecture.

A fascinating journey awaits you with an inspection of the castles "Valdau" and "Tapiau" (external inspection), a visit with a tour of the castle "Georgenburg", a visit to the "Georgenburg" stud farm, the glorious history of which originates when the crusaders and German knights started breeding horses in the fortress Georgenburg, the Ragnit Castle, a short walk along the main street of Tilsit, now the city of Sovetsk and a photo-pause at the famous bridge named after Queen Louise.

Immediately after the booking you will be sent a voucher with the guide phone, which you will show before the tour starts (you can directly from the phone - you do not need to print anything).


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