Excursion «Journey to Krantz»

Excursion «Journey to Krantz»

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Tour of the quiet and ancient Zelenogradsk, in the past the royal resort of Krantz.

The city has preserved a significant part of the historical buildings. Most of the buildings belong to Art Nouveau (German Art Nouveau). We will visit the museum "Murarium", which features a private art collection of cats, the largest of them in Russia.

The museum is housed in the building of the city water tower of the XIX century built, which is the highest point of the city and from the observation deck offers a panoramic view of Zelenogradsk - a great place for picturesque shots.

In the castle "Nesselbek", the museum of medieval tortures (16 +), where it is possible to be photographed in the vestments of the soldiers of the Teutonic Order. Walk in the park and promenade, free time for a cup of coffee in a cafe by the sea.

Immediately after the purchase you will be sent a voucher and contact guide that you will show before the start of the tour (you can directly from the phone - you do not need to print anything).


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