Stas Mikhailov. If tomorrow there'll be sun

Stas Mikhailov. If tomorrow there'll be sun

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A great singer, one of the most beloved and famous Russian singers, Stas Mikhailov, presents his new program "If the Sun Comes Tomorrow". Absolutely new, bright, really warm program is filled with light, cheerful songs, to which, as the artist himself says: "You can sing and dance, leaving all your worries, just relax your soul and get a charge of positive energy."

Will not do at the concert and without the main, defining the work of Mikhailov songs about love and the search for the meaning of life, which for so long have been known and loved by admirers of his talent. Absolutely all the songs of Stas are dedicated to beautiful ladies, strong men and their relationships - that's why they are so close and understandable to everyone who came to his concert, and the bewitching and exciting voice of the artist certainly leaves no chance to leave the concert indifferent.


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