The play «Close Your Eyes and Watch»

The play «Close Your Eyes and Watch»

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"Close your eyes and look" is a unique performance that gives you the opportunity to experience beautiful, deep, expressive monologues from the programs "Frankie show" and "Broadcast From there" and see how Vadim Demchog and the actors of the Harlequinade theater, before your very eyes, breathe life into Their characters.

If we consider only the external form of the play "Close your eyes and look," then nothing happens on the stage. That is absolutely nothing. The actor in the spotlight, music, sheets of paper, and a microphone, no costumes and scenery, no mise en scene, action. But as soon as several minutes pass, the viewer is dragged into a completely different world, where external forms are not important, where the visual effects to which his eyes are so used are not important.

The whole play unfolds in the viewer's head. And for everyone it turns out completely different! The text that sounds from the stage - powerful, emotional, alive - leads the viewer, creates the canvas and the basis for his own paintings, fantasies, images and through it - leads to deep, often very personal questions and revelations. In the end, the viewer no longer sees the actor's play, but his own internal performance, where the artist on stage is only an occasion, a key, just a trigger hook.


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